PS Complex & SPS

Machine Development


Machine development studies in the PS Complex (Linac 2, Linac 3, PSBooster, PS) and SPS are aimed at:

Four types of machine development sessions are foreseen during the 2008 operation run:

The distribution of the Long MD sessions and of the wednesday MD sessions during the run is published at the beginning of the year (it is presented at the Accelerator Performance Committee: APC). The planning of the studies foreseen in the various sessions is regularly discussed at the APC together with machine development results. The planning is submitted to the approval of the APC and presented at the ABOC.

Do you want to be kept informed about SPS machine developments?

A moderated mailing lists exists: : for those who are machine development users and/or who want to be kept regularly informed about the modifications to the PS Complex & SPS machine development planning. To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list click here (and follow the instruction - your subscription will be submitted to the approval of the Machine Development Coordinator).


Author: Giovanni Rumolo - BE/ABP
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