2012 LHC Injector Machine Development Planning

Injector MD Coordination:

Giovanni Rumolo (BE-ABP-ICE)

Yannis Papaphilippou (BE-ABP-LIS)
Hannes Bartosik (BE-ABP-LIS)

Injector Schedule and MD Documents

Current Injector Schedule
Current LHC Schedule
Injector Schedule History
MD Planning 2012
Coupling between the different machines (to be entered in the CBCM)
Further explanations of coupling between the machines
SPS RF MMI Mapping

Injector Machine Development Steering Links

LHC Beam Operation Committee
Chamonix 2012
SPS Upgrade Study Team
PSB Upgrade Working Group
LHC MD web page
Machine Studies Working Group
LIU Beam Studies Day

General Info and Current News:

1) Parallel MDs in all machines take place every week day during the working hours (8:00 - 18:00)
2) Floating MDs take place in parallel with the LHC operation, and therefore they are stopped when
the LHC needs to inject. No physics is guaranteed during the MD time, but beam will be provided to
the PSB/PS physics users on a best effort basis.
3) All beam studies related to the LIU project were presented on the LIU Beam Studies Review, which took
place at CERN on the 28/08/2012
4) LHC MD Block #4 will take place on the 26-29 November 2012. The beam requirements for the injectors
are available here.
5) The LHC scrubbing run willl start on Thursday 6 December 2012. The 25ns beam must be ready and optimized
in the injectors (possibly on Q20 in the SPS) by the starting date.
6) Parallel injector MDs will take place until the 11 February 2013 in PSB/PS/SPS. Two dedicated MD sessions will
take place
in the SPS on the 17/01/13 and 30/01/13 during the ion oven refill. The minimum length of these slots
will be
8 hours.